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Smart Green Energy, Electric Vehicle Charging Installation.

Smart Green Energy can install most electric car charging points at your home in just one day. 


Typically plug-in hybrids such as a Prius charge at a rate of 3.7kW, and reach maximum charge in under 3 hours however fully electric cars such as a Tesla can charge at 7.4kW on a single-phase supply but have a much bigger battery. Typically it will take you up to 10 hours to charge a fully electric car. A 3.7kW charges at a rate of approximately 12mph, a 7.4kW will charge at a rate of approximately 24mph.


Can my solar panels charge my electric car?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to do this. One is to use the Zappi charger or an equivalent that diverts excess power generation into an electric vehicle. This way, what would have been exported back to the grid is now providing you with zero-carbon footprint transport. Your electric car though must be parked at home during the daylight hours.


The other alternative is to use a battery system to store this excess energy, and then discharge this into your EV in the evening. The battery would also cover your household electric requirements once the sunlight has disappeared for the day.

As electric vehicles charge from an AC supply you cannot charge directly from solar so you will need an inverter to do this.

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