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Smart Green          Energy

Making Power Pay

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Why start using Smart Green Energy today?

Save the planet?


Climate change is real and it's happening today. Our world will change irreparably if we do not change our way of living today. By reducing your own CO2 emissions and installing solar-powered energy systems then you are doing your bit to help save our planet from a climate disaster. 

The directors and employees at Smart Green Energy, have been installing solar power systems for over 15 years all across the southeast of England and have the experience necessary to complete even the most complex of installations. 

In truth, solar power can now be installed in under a day for most homes and is very affordable. Solar energy is the planet's most abundant, energy source available. 

There are two ways that solar technologies harness solar energy, Solar Photovoltaics and Solar ThermalSolar Photovoltaic (or PV) is a technology that converts our sunlight into direct current electricity by using semiconductors.  Alternatively, Solar Thermal is a technology which uses the heat and energy from the sun for heating or producing electricity.

Save you money?


Using solar power to produce your heating and electricity supply at home can fully repay your initial investment over time.

Under the smart export guarantee (SEG) scheme which was launched in January 2020, households get paid for solar energy they 'export'. This is electricity you generate, but don't use yourself, which is then pumped back into the national energy grid. 

With electric prices at a record high and the predictions that they will continue to rise over the next few years, it's never been a better time to invest in solar power. Solar panels can last over 40 years so upgrading your energy delivery system today can enable you to lock into a much cheaper way to heat and power your home and avoid any large price hikes for the foreseeable future.


Our solar energy, friendly team is on hand to help with your questions today, so feel free to get in touch on 01622 231199.

Solar power can save you money today and even more in the future.



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